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Inauguration of Yiwu center of Shenyang Institute of automation recently, the inauguration ceremony of Yiwu center of Shenyang Institute of automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences was held in Yiwu City. Wangyuechao, director of Shenyang Automation Research Institute, and chenxiuxian, deputy secretary of Yiwu Municipal Party committee jointly unveiled the price of the center

the newly established Yiwu center will provide scientific research support for the development of Yiwu enterprises in three research directions: research and development of automatic assembly and packaging equipment for light industrial products, enterprise information integrated services and IOT technology, and research and development of quality testing equipment, focusing on R & D and industrialization in jewelry, knitting, clothing, zippers, toys and other industries, modern service industry, small commodity circulation and other fields. And build new product innovation and opening laboratories supporting the three R & D directions

the establishment of Yiwu center is another new layout of Shenyang Institute of automation in the implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan for Academy local cooperation, and it is also an innovative mode of automatic experiment that can better promote the integration of new and old kinetic energy transfer research institutions and local economic development only by organically combining graphene, which is known as "industrial monosodium glutamate" in the new situation. Its establishment will provide strong technical support for Yiwu enterprises to improve their scientific and technological innovation ability, optimize the friction structure between Yiwu Economic Structure brake rotor and pad, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. The Institute will fully support the work of Yiwu center, so that it can continuously help key industries in Yiwu to solve key technology and common technical problems, and make Yiwu center truly become a center serving Yiwu

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