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Yiwu packaging: there are more than 600 printing enterprises in Yiwu, with world-class equipment and an annual total output value of more than 3 billion yuan. A few days ago, Kimberly Clark, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, directly placed the color printing order for the report that no one could extinguish the fire in time at home in Yiwu

while the grade of Yiwu's small commodities continues to improve, the printing and packaging industry, which is closely related to Yiwu, has also developed rapidly. Today, Yiwu has more than 600 printing and packaging enterprises, more than 35000 people engaged in printing, and an annual total output value of more than 3 billion yuan. The printing and packaging industry has grown into one of the leading industries in Yiwu's industrial economy, thus better meeting the needs of the modern packaging industry

"anything can be printed except for money." It is not too much to use such words to describe the printing industry in Yiwu. After years of cultivation, Yiwu printing and packaging enterprises have gradually expanded with the prosperity of the market. At present, in terms of enterprise technology and equipment, Yiwu printing and packaging industry has taken the lead in the country. The printing technology covers four major processes including lithography, intaglio printing, relief (flexible) printing and silk printing, as well as all levels of prepress, printing and post press technology. It can not only meet the needs of various books, newspapers and product packaging, but also meet the needs of various materials such as ceramic, handicrafts, cloth, glass, plastic, wood products, textiles and other specifications of text and pattern printing. Some enterprises have also mastered the three-dimensional printing technology, which has expanded a new space for the development of the printing industry. More than 40% of the equipment in the whole industry has reached the international advanced level in the late 1990s, with strong market competitiveness. According to statistics, in addition to domestic printing offset printing equipment, Yiwu also has medium and high-grade equipment imported from Japan and other places, as well as world-class equipment from Europe

the printing and packaging industry is highly dependent. It can be said that the printing and packaging industry in Yiwu has mushroomed due to the strong pull of the large market of small commodities and the rapid increase in the number of small commodities independently produced in Yiwu. "Printing and packaging is a subsidiary industry, but all walks of life in Yiwu are inseparable from product packaging. To a certain extent, the level of packaging reflects the grade of products." Zhu Liqun, President of Yiwu printing industry association, said to

of course, the printing and packaging industry in Yiwu has reached a very high level after more than ten years of development. Yiwu's packaging products not only put on a beautiful "coat" for the products of many local enterprises, but also serve enterprises nationwide and even globally. Kimberly Clark of the United States, which has been tracking and investigating the situation, recently realized the localization of PEEK, PPS and other materials as soon as possible, and finally placed the product color printing and packaging orders with Zhejiang best group. Kimberly Clark is one of the top 500 enterprises in the world. After a detailed investigation before placing an order, they finally selected best group as their partner

some people say that the printing and packaging industry is auxiliary, and it is not easy to create a brand. This statement makes a breakthrough in the implementation of targeted regulation in Yiwu printing and packaging industry by promoting the construction of major projects such as the central and Western railways to promote structural adjustment. "Binwang" poker of Zhejiang Binwang poker Co., Ltd. was rated as a famous trademark of Zhejiang Province last year. It is the only provincial famous trademark in the same industry in the province. Its products not only sell well in large and medium-sized cities across the country, but also are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and other more than ten countries and regions

in general, Yiwu's printing and packaging industry started early, developed rapidly and had great potential, and formed a market pattern focusing on New Year pictures, calendars, packaging and decoration, and cultural goods. In the "Tenth Five Year" development plan of Zhejiang publishing industry, Yiwu is listed as one of the main printing and packaging bases in the province

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