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Recently, Shandong Yinying Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. successfully developed and produced two new viscose varieties - washed long tow and Roselle fiber, and realized large-scale production

no matter what kind of material, the mold manufacturing tolerance of plastic parts with medium precision dimension is the tolerance of No. 2. The requirements of long tow for fiber strength, length, water content and other indicators are quite different from those of conventional viscose fiber products. Based on this, the company has carried out continuous technical research, equipment transformation, installation and commissioning, making the dry strength of washed silk ≥ 2.5cn/dtex and the wet strength ≥ 1.15cn/dtex, meeting the use requirements. They have prepared a unique flexible conductive film tow, which is mainly used for electrostatic flocking materials in clothing, decorative cloth, automobile interior decoration, seals, stationery and other industries. At the same time, it also provides a new choice for acrylic, nylon and other commonly used materials for electrostatic flocking

Roselle fiber is a new type of modified regenerated cellulose fiber, which is made by adding a special plant protein solution to the spinning stock solution through pre spinning injection technology. Its raw materials are plant protein and natural cellulose, which are derived from renewable green plants in nature. It is a degradable environmental fiber. The fiber has been greatly adjusted and optimized in the selection of raw and auxiliary materials, emulsification and refining of vegetable protein solution, spinning solution preparation, coagulation bath matching, multi-stage drafting distribution and other processes. Roselle fiber has the advantages of bright and soft luster, good moisture absorption and desorption, bright dyeing, excellent color fastness, good fiber softness and good fabric drapability. At the same time, it also has natural far-infrared emission and UV protection functions, and its protein content is more than 1.5%. It can be blended with cotton, hemp, silk, wool and various synthetic fibers. It is suitable for the production of health textiles such as underwear, underwear, bedding and clothing

the person in charge of the company said that in recent years, there has been great downward pressure on the economy, and the downward pressure on Yinying chemical fiber has been the driving force for transformation. He has been deeply engaged in the viscose industry, continuously improving the technological innovation and new product R & D capabilities, and meeting the diversified and differentiated needs of the market

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