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Yixing Chemical Fiber: environmental protection investment is worth every penny (Figure)

a corner of the production workshop of Shandong Hailong Yixing Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

Shandong Hailong Yixing Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. was built by Shandong Hailong Group Co., Ltd. with an investment of 120million yuan in 2005. Since its establishment, the company has unswervingly followed the path of relying on technological transformation to promote development, and the enterprise plate has become bigger and bigger. It is commendable that at the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, it recognized the direction of strengthening basic research and technology accumulation to ensure benefits, and continuously increased the efforts of environmental protection. Xujingjun, deputy general manager of the company, said that although the company has invested a lot in environmental protection, every penny is worth it

technological transformation promotes development

it is learned that Shandong Hailong Yixing Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. has continuously increased its investment in technological transformation in the development of the enterprise, and has successively invested more than 40million yuan to carry out more than a dozen technological transformations, including the transformation of large steam discharge recovery in cooking, the addition of chlor alkali system, the transformation of pulp making heat pump and flash, the transformation of bleaching power system, the addition of pre washing system, and the research and development of new filament pulp products, which not only comprehensively optimized the production process system, Moreover, the annual efficiency benefit is more than 20million yuan, and the enterprise's independent innovation ability is significantly improved. At present, the enterprise can produce 30000 tons of cotton pulp per year, achieve an output value of 240million yuan, and profit and tax of more than 50million yuan

under the financial crisis, Shandong Hailong Yixing Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. has been working hard to tap its internal potential by taking measures such as technological transformation, adjusting product structure and strengthening staff technical training. Since April, a large number of industry insiders from coal enterprises and other units of the company believe that the company has seized the opportunity of the recovery of the textile and chemical fiber market and invested 18million yuan of start-up capital to start production. At present, the daily production of cotton pulp is more than 90 tons, and the sales revenue is more than 500000 yuan

environmental protection brings benefits

enterprise development does not forget the society. Xujingjun, the company's deputy general manager, told Yixing Chemical fiber that it has continuously strengthened environmental protection management in line with the goal of building an environment-friendly and resource-saving high-end enterprise that relies heavily on imports. From the perspective of long-term development and social benefits, the company has invested 4million yuan twice to implement the technical transformation of the East and West aerobic tanks, and the aeration mode has been changed from the hanging type to the microfiltration type, ensuring the wastewater treatment effect. At the same time, the company also carried out analysis and Research on sludge treatment, and adopted the two-stage composite treatment process for drying and reuse. The deep-processing sludge turns waste into treasure and is processed into a marketable organic fertilizer, saving resources and reducing pollution

"although the enterprise has increased the operating cost by more than 10million yuan every year, the company believes that every cent of the money spent on environmental protection is worth it, and the deep processing of sludge has given us a great return." Xujingjun told us that over the years, the enterprise has carried out more than 10 technological transformations on the production system and environmental protection system, and won the title of high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province and municipal agricultural leading enterprise

at the same time, it is learned that since this year, the company has successively invested 15million yuan in two new sludge microwave technology transformation projects to improve the production capacity and output of the enterprise and increase economic benefits. Xujingjun said that in the next step, the enterprise plans to invest 15.2 million yuan in the microwave treatment of the environmental protection system, and the secondary tension and displacement are immediately recorded by the instrument and kept unchanged. It is believed that the enterprise's environmental protection investment can exchange for greater development space and greater economic and social benefits

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