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Yixing cable industry expands the market with quality

"abide by the law, follow public morality; quality first, integrity-based; operate according to law and strictly manage; ensure quality and meet users..." recently, the city's 193 wire and cable production enterprises made a solemn commitment to the society, saying that they would strengthen self-discipline and should confirm that this batch of connectors are unqualified products and resist all dishonest acts. It is precisely because of the strict quality requirements of the majority of enterprises that the cable products in our city have been higher than the average level of similar products in China for many years in the national and Jiangsu product quality supervision, inspection and spot check, and have been determined as the implementation point of the "national wire and cable product quality improvement demonstration project" by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China

the word "quality" plays a decisive role in all the keywords that affect the market position of products, enterprises and industries. As the largest pillar industry of Yixing, the wire and cable industry of Yixing adheres to the first creed of development of "quality improvement to the end". At the beginning of each year, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government should organize and hold a special meeting to strengthen the implementation of quality, and issue incentive policies. Therefore, the wire and cable enterprises naturally become the focus of attention, and take the road of famous brand and standardized development. At present, nearly ten million yuan of incentive funds have been allocated. At the same time, an industry-oriented catalogue was specially formulated to encourage enterprises to vigorously develop submarine, nuclear power, aerospace and other special cables, explore scientific and technological innovation markets, and actively promote industrial transformation and upgrading. As the competent department, the municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, on the one hand, adopts quality credit rating evaluation management for enterprises, provides high-quality services for enterprises with excellent legal operation quality, strengthens supervision over enterprises with weak management, and deals with enterprises that make and sell fake goods according to law and is listed in the "blacklist". On the other hand, it has continuously strengthened the regulation of the industry and standardized the market behavior. Since this year, it has successively carried out two major actions, namely, the wire and cable product quality improvement project and the special supervision and inspection of the city's wire and cable production enterprises, which have achieved remarkable results

only by winning with quality can the enterprise be in an invincible position. not long ago, Far East Cable Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Far East holding group, and new Far East Cable Co., Ltd. stood out among many bidding enterprises and won the bid for the "national power Changji Guquan ± 1100kV UHV DC transmission line project" This project is the first ± 1100 kV HVDC project in the world and a leap in the world's power transmission level. Far East won the bid this time not by chance, but by virtue of its excellent product quality and reputation. Over the years, Far East has not only built a set of scientific and standardized quality control system that runs through the whole product life cycle and a set of efficient and perfect after-sales service system that covers customers at home and abroad, but also created a precedent for cable enterprises to implement quality supervision system, and has won Quality Awards at all levels, including national, provincial, Wuxi and Yixing. Jiangnan Cable also strives for perfection in its pursuit of product quality. Baoqiwei, director of the Quality Center Department of the enterprise, said that only by doing a good job in details can the quality spirit of the enterprise be different. Therefore, Jiangnan Cable requires that each cable entering the company's production line should be sent to the laboratory for careful identification and testing before it can be put into production. It is precisely because of the focus on details that Jiangnan Cable has customized anti-theft bare stranded wires for Eskom, which has completely solved the serious problem of wire and cable theft in South Africa

implementing brand and standardization strategy is a "secret weapon" to improve product quality. As one of the leading enterprises in the field of domestic antenna feeder, Hengxin technology has made great achievements in expanding the international influence and popularity of its own brand and in technical standardization. Since the establishment of the company, Hengxin technology has adhered to the idea of closely combining technological transformation, technological innovation, new product development and technical standards, actively undertaken and participated in the formulation of various and non phthalate standards, and promoted the process of industrial development while seizing the commanding height of the standards. Last year alone, Hengxin technology presided over or participated in the formulation of one international standard, one national standard and three industrial standards. At the same time, it won the Wuxi quality award and the first Yixing quality award, as well as famous brand products in Jiangsu Province. In recent years, there has been an upsurge of enterprises in our city participating in the formulation of "rules of the game", with remarkable results. Up to now, the wire and cable industry cluster in our city has 28 famous brand products in Jiangsu Province, 3 well-known trademarks in China and 26 well-known trademarks in Jiangsu Province; Among the 193 wire and cable manufacturers, more than 150 have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, 29 have participated in the revision of national standards, and 533 wire and cable products of 113 enterprises are produced by the international standards organization

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