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Yinli electric released the "power bank" transformer on vehicles. Car enterprises: there are potential safety hazards. Editor's note: This article is from 36 krypton "future cars". Author: Cheng Xiaoyi

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author | Cheng Xiaoyi

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on July 9, according to scientific reports, Ningxia Yinli Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yinli electric") developed a 40kW on board charger resonant transformer (OBC). This high-power OBC can be installed on a pure electric commercial vehicle and can be charged without relying on the ground DC charging pile

it is also reported that this OBC is the first at home and abroad. At present, the company has officially received three small batch orders

obc is considered by many experts and scholars as the key to solve the problem of insufficient range of electric vehicles

in the science and technology report, the relevant person in charge of Ningxia Yinli Electric said that OBC would be the gospel of special vehicles such as buses, China bus, taxis, urban garbage trucks and sweepers

can the on-board charger transformer be trusted by users and recognized by the market

an auto investment analyst told future cars that if OBC can be upgraded to the same level as fast charging, it is valuable, but it also needs to compete with fast charging technology in terms of price =17.96 (g)

"in commercial vehicles, taxi drivers are very sensitive to the low price of charging electricity. Generally, charging operators do not configure too good and expensive equipment." The analyst said

nanfanghuitong, which focuses on driverless commercial vehicles, revealed that the Neolithic company said to the future car: "it depends on the size of the car, and the car needs more energy. This can not be solved by one or two batteries, just like a large truck needs to burn diesel. At present, Neolithic is a low-speed car, and it is still the first to promote intelligent power exchange technology."

in the field of passenger cars, industry personnel have some concerns about their safety

"the on-board charger is easy to trip and catch fire when charging at home, so the on-board charger has been cancelled." Weima automobile salesperson future automobile said

a staff member of Weilai automobile also said that he had not heard of the on-board charger

according to public data, Ningxia Yinli electric was founded in 1992 and officially listed on the new third board in 2015. It is a "national and local joint engineering laboratory for power electronic electromagnetic components" approved by the national development and Reform Commission. According to tianyancha data, the company has 47 related patents, and has been conducting the transformation from traditional power electronic transformers to electromagnetic components of new energy vehicles since 2017

however, Nangang participated in the early communication. The 2017 annual report shows that it lost 6.59 million yuan during the reporting period. The reason for the loss is that the amount of R & D expenses invested in the research and development of power electronic transformers and supporting products for new energy vehicles is large

on July 9, futureauto asked Yinli electric for confirmation on issues related to the on-board charger. As of the time of publication, no reply has been received

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