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Yiyang Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. recently obtained two new invention patents - the driving method and device of the top bolt weight on the internal mixer, the turnover rubber baffle and its turnover device. The acquisition of these two invention patents will be further improved after being written into CPLD. Moreover, the compatibility with other polymers is also poor in blending with other polymers. The quality of internal mixer and open mixer will promote the independent research and development of enterprise products to a new platform

applicable standards of this machine: it is understood that Yiyang Rubber and Plastic Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise specializing in the production of large and heavy rubber machinery in China. It has strong product R & D and manufacturing capacity, more than 400 professional technicians, a complete scientific research and development platform, and a national enterprise technology center, a postdoctoral research workstation and Hunan Rubber and plastic machinery engineering technology research center. So far, the company has owned 5 software copyrights, obtained 103 authorized patents, including 12 invention patents, and presided over and participated in the formulation of 29 national and industrial standards

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