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Yizhimi held a seminar on the trend of injection molding application technology on the afternoon of April 26, yizhimi held a "seminar on the trend of injection molding application technology for automobile lightweight" in Chinaplas. Mechanical manufacturing experts and auto parts manufacturers exchanged face-to-face to discuss the reality and future of lightweight. They point to face and jointly explore the maximum value of automobile lightweight

nswobbe: lightweight technology and application of injection molded products

from the perspective of "slimming and weight reduction" of luxury brands on high-end models, especially the launch of the new BMW 7 series and Cadillac CT6, which are two models focusing on lightweight, it can be predicted that automotive lightweight will become the main stream of the automotive market and will penetrate into all links of the industrial chain with a rapid trend

at the seminar, nswobbe, Chief Strategic Officer of Izumi, shared the keynote speech on "lightweight technology and application of injection molding products". Nswobbe, who has more than 30 years of machinery manufacturing experience and has long been concerned about the development of the plastic industry, believes that lightweight design has been the driving force for the development of the automotive industry for 125 years

combined with automotive application cases such as Volkswagen touan interior trim and Mercedes Benz B-series front-end module, nswobbe introduced the lightweight technology that has obtained product certification: "the plastic processing technology of modern lightweight structure is mainly based on the application of reinforced fiber and foam injection molding technology, which can reduce the injection weight, improve the production efficiency and product accuracy. For example, the product weight with Micro Foam design can be reduced by 40% and the wall thickness can be reduced by 20%."

hpm two plate injection molding machine: realize low-pressure injection molding and micro foaming molding process

as an equipment manufacturer, izmi has been thinking about how to closely follow the development trend of the automotive industry and provide equipment that meets the needs of new materials and new processes. Starting from the forefront of industry development, in view of the increasingly strong demand for high-performance, medium and large-scale two plate injection molding machines in the Chinese market, yizhimi seized the opportunity to carefully create the HPM third-generation two plate injection molding machine DP series, which adopts modular design, freely combined and configured according to customer needs, and positioned the medium and high-end auto parts market

pengxiaoping, application director of izmi Automotive Parts Application Research Institute, shared the design features of hpm-dp series two plate injection molding machine at the seminar, which can realize low-pressure injection molding process and micro foaming MuCell molding process, and meet customers' needs for high efficiency and energy saving

eas: the "second kill" mold change era is coming.

driven by automation, how to improve operation efficiency in manufacturing is a topic of common concern to auto parts manufacturers. Among them, optimizing the mold replacement method can effectively reduce the cost and help users improve their competitiveness and profitability. Thierry pastor, vice president of technology in Asia Pacific region of EAS, said: "nowadays, in the global scope, the mode change time has been calculated in seconds, not hours or minutes." Headquartered in the Netherlands, eas, as a leading innovative enterprise in the world, can provide efficient and fast mold changing solutions for injection molding, metal stamping, metal mold casting and related industries. Its customers include BYD, Peguform, Toshiba and Volkswagen

"for 1300T machine with 15t mold, the fast mold change time is only 47 seconds." At the seminar, Thierry pastor shared the quick mold change system QMC and its application cases provided by EAS for injection molding machines

piovan: BMW uses this drying system

plastics are used in many industries such as home appliances, building materials, 3C, etc., but each industry has its own characteristics, and the solutions it needs are also different. As an auxiliary equipment supplier, Piovan Baiwang also hopes to share its innovative technologies and industry-leading solutions in dehumidification, drying, cooling and transportation with supporting suppliers in the automotive industry

it is understood that Piovan Baiwang group was founded in 1934. In 1964, it began to provide auxiliary equipment for the industry that the plastic processing power supply should be equipped with air switches and leakage protection devices. It is not only the first enterprise in Italy, but also the first batch of enterprises in Europe to provide auxiliary equipment for the plastic industry. In the global automotive field, Piovan installed 500 sets of central dehumidification and drying and central feeding systems that require more complex parameters. At the seminar, zhengpeijia, director of Baiwang in South China, mainly introduced the modular automatic adaptive central drying system and its application in BMW production line

"modula can automatically control various process parameters and achieve 50% energy saving effect. The system has been used by BMW in the German production line as one of the equipment for I3 and I8 models." Zhengpeijia said

until 4:30 p.m. on the 26th, the "seminar on injection molding application technology trend of automobile lightweight" was successfully concluded. Through this seminar, we have face-to-face exchanges with peers and customers. Izumi hopes to challenge its own habitual thinking, keep up with the development of the global automobile market, and even use its edge in the anti odor of shoes and socks, so as to maintain creativity in the accelerating business world

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