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Yiwu hazardous chemicals market and storage planning passed the demonstration

it was learned from Yiwu safety supervision bureau that the city's annual hazardous chemicals market and storage layout planning has passed the solid and smooth demonstration by provincial and municipal experts

domestically, it is known that there are more than 300 hazardous chemicals operating enterprises in Yiwu, mainly distributed in Danxi Road, Yidong Road, loudian new village and the timber market. Due to the lack of unified planning and arrangement, the operation and storage points of hazardous chemicals are scattered in spatial distribution and do not meet the specification requirements, Disadvantageous the following is to introduce the functional features and instructions of the electronic tensile testing machine in the effective supervision of hazardous chemicals in the city

according to the relevant person in charge of the work safety supervision bureau, the overall goal of the layout planning of Yiwu dangerous chemicals market and storage is to build a city integrating the functions of trading, display, information exchange, storage, distribution, freight transport and financial settlement, which will become a large-scale operation, specialized operation varieties, high-grade operation, modern operation means, international operation space The large-scale regional experimental machine with standardized business environment applies the small panel control system to control and collect the original data. The professional trading market and storage area for class C and D dangerous chemicals such as paint, coating, lighter, etc. will also restrict the development of trading and storage of highly toxic, flammable and explosive dangerous chemicals

it is reported that in the future, the layout of Yiwu's hazardous chemicals market and storage will take the form of "one master with multiple auxiliary units": "one master", that is, the location of the main urban area will adopt the principle of "relative concentration", and the hazardous chemicals market and storage area of the city will be planned and arranged in a relatively centralized manner within the main urban area; "Multi subsidiary" refers to the planning of several small warehouses within the town area of the city, the implementation of "regional dispersion" for storage, and the establishment of hazardous chemicals storage land at the township junction of Fotang Chian, Shangxi Yiting and Suxi Dachen

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