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A bag of ordinary 325 type construction cement rose from 12 yuan to 24 yuan in only 100 days. This is only a microcosm of the recent rise in the price of building materials. Sand, wood panels, furniture, latex paint, floors, cabinets, ceramic tiles, most of the building materials varieties either continue to rise in price, or the wind of price increases continues. Yesterday, the reporter visited the building materials market and furniture city, and it became a lot of “ Prospective landlord ” The helpless move to deal with the price rise

the price of cement has increased five times in 40 days

in Changsha road building materials market, song Yichun, who operates cement, told reporters that his peers who store cement this year have issued them, and if they prepare goods of 50000 yuan, they can make a net profit of more than 50000 yuan. Yesterday, the reporter learned at a construction site on Yan'an road that taking the 325 type cement on the site as an example, it was 303 yuan per ton on October 26, 330 yuan on October 30, 350 yuan on November 1, 370 yuan on November 2 and 410 yuan on December 1. The most intensive time of price increase is from the end of October to the beginning of November. The price of cement has increased by more than 60 yuan per ton, almost one price per day, while the price of scattered cement used for community decoration is higher

a set of solid wood wardrobe is more than 10000 yuan

“ An 8000 yuan set of Fraxinus mandshurica facade wardrobe is now more than 10000 yuan& rdquo; In Haibo Furniture City, the reporter visited the direct stores of furniture manufacturers such as Jiulong and Beiyuan. Affected by the rising price of wood, the price of furniture has increased by 20% to 30%. The person in charge of Qumei furniture (check the map) said that natural wood has increased by 15% recently, and the pressure of price rise is increasing. In addition, the prices of ceramics, flooring, coatings, hardware and other materials increased by 10% to 20%. The designer of the urban family told reporters that based on the mid-range decoration cost of 90000 yuan to decorate a 100 square meter house, the total decoration price may now cost about 10000 yuan more than half a year ago, an increase of more than 10%

the monthly income of husband and wife bricklayers is 6000 yuan

“ Now the daily wage of skilled bricklayers is 150 yuan, and they must be settled daily& rdquo; Zhangshoujun, general manager of Qingdao Xincheng decoration company, told reporters that the daily salary of bricklayers in the first half of the year was only 120 yuan, and now it has risen again. The company is not afraid of taking over jobs, just afraid that there is no good bricklayer, carpenter, electrician. Due to the large amount of decoration work, good bricklayers don't need to work in the decoration company at all. It has become a new phenomenon for husband and wife to work together in decoration. Master Yin of Gaomi took his wife to work and easily earned more than 6000 yuan a month

store building materials in advance and make an agreement on the responsibility of returning goods

in recent days, when reporters interviewed the building materials market, what they heard most was “ Prices will rise again next year;. Some future home buyers who have not yet delivered their houses can't help but book building materials first. Mr. Cen, who bought a house in Beicun, can only deliver the house in June next year, but has ordered furniture, sofas, floors and tiles& ldquo; I can save more than 10000 yuan if the price increase is as the manufacturer said& rdquo; The municipal consumer protection commission reminds consumers that buying home building materials in advance can save money, but it should also be determined according to the decoration needs to avoid unnecessary waste. The staff suggested that the detailed rules for the return of redundant building materials should be clarified in the reservation contract, otherwise the waste of building materials will not pay off




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