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As one of the traditional manufacturing industries, the door and window industry has paid attention to the quality of goods for many years. However, with the trend of homogenization of shopping malls, door and window manufacturers need to improve the overall quality from the added value of goods, so as to break through from many manufacturers. In this age when service is king, if manufacturers want to seek a breakthrough, they can only clarify their service understanding from now on and vigorously develop the service system in order to win the recognition and support of consumers in homogeneous shopping malls

fali service system reduces procurement risk

it should be recognized that in the implementation of real services, services are the real goods, and goods are only the accessories of services. Because of the homogenization of goods, consumers now pay more attention to the service attitude of manufacturers and the satisfaction brought by this service

in the past, service was regarded as the added value of goods by many door and window manufacturers, and rarely received special attention. Now, the market competition is becoming more and more intense, and an increasing number of door and window manufacturers are beginning to make efforts in service, hoping to enhance the loyalty of consumers and the trust of manufacturers through outstanding after-sales service. Indeed, as the reassurance of consumers, perfect after-sales service guarantee can reduce procurement risks and bring more sales to door and window manufacturers, which is also the mission of door and window manufacturers to make progress in the next time

strengthen service training and improve service quality

because service can't be seen or touched before consumers purchase, consumers can only get the impression of the manufacturer from the practices and attitudes of factory employees. Therefore, the essence of service personnel directly affects the image of the manufacturer. People have become the most important factor in deciding whether to win or lose, and the competitive advantage of manufacturers increasingly depends on the performance of human talents, Jinliyuan has formed a complete and systematic training mechanism in terms of personnel training, and service awareness and service quality have made a qualitative leap

refine service implementation strategy based on shopping malls

service implementation is an implementation activity with the intention of customer service. It pays more attention to the satisfaction of consumers with the service. It runs through the production and operation activities of manufacturers and is the whole process of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service

the traditional commodity promotion mode can no longer meet the needs of modern consumers. The door and window profession should establish a service-oriented service promotion system and formulate a detailed service promotion strategy. Only in this way can we establish our own mall position in the fierce competition

strengthen after-sales service and enhance brand recognition

the ultimate intention of service is brand communication and the implementation of brand image. Therefore, consistent image and process in the service process is conducive to the progress of brand awareness. At the same time, after service, you can also get the opportunity of referral and secondary procurement. After sales service is not limited to waiting for customers to come to the door to reflect their questions, but more importantly, within a few days after consumers purchase, they need to actively communicate with consumers about the shopping process, product satisfaction and other aspects, and ask, comfort and accept suggestions. Don't forget that there is another major additional benefit of enhancing satisfaction through after-sales service - it can greatly enhance consumers' recognition of the brand

in general, if manufacturers want to be recognized by agents and consumers, they need to use service to operate and create a professional and high-quality service cultural brand of doors and windows with service, so as to win the "praise" of more customers





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