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Xi Jiacheng: changing ideas to develop automatic service industry

changing from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing is a basic trend of the development of advanced manufacturing industry at home and abroad. As more and more investment and costs begin to shift to how to optimize the automation system and automation infrastructure, in the automation market, the time has come to transform from heavy products to heavy services

the current situation of automation service industry is not optimistic

in recent years, the Chinese government has always attached great importance to the development of manufacturing service industry and related industries, and has put forward guiding ideology and policies, such as vigorously developing modern manufacturing service industry, using modern business methods and information technology to transform and enhance traditional service industry, and improving the proportion and level of service industry. However, in fact, the development level of China's manufacturing service industry, including automation service industry, is still very low. There are problems such as small overall scale, low level, unreasonable structure, lagging behind in system reform and mechanism innovation. Relevant data show that in developed countries, the service industry accounts for more than 50% of GDP. According to peichanghong, a researcher at the Institute of Finance and trade economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China's manufacturing service industry accounts for less than 10% of GDP, and the proportion has a downward trend in recent years

as far as the automation industry is concerned, Xi Jiacheng, a special consultant of China Instrument and meter industry association, said: in recent years, China's automation service industry has also made certain development, and a number of enterprises have emerged that have done well in the service field. However, compared with the automation service industry in developed countries, China's automation service industry is still in the growth stage in terms of industrial scale, horizontal capacity and service field

Xi Jiacheng pointed out that at present, the services provided by automation manufacturers in the market are mostly derived from the main businesses of automation manufacturers, and the purpose is to expand their main businesses. Moreover, the strength of the departments providing services is not strong, and the domestic automation service enterprises with international competitiveness based on R & D and manufacturing are still in the process of gestation

Xi Jiacheng also pointed out that there are three types of local enterprises engaged in or likely to engage in the automation service industry in the market: first, units like jinzitanzheng, which are derived from or transformed from the original research and design units in the application field, are mainly application departments separated from the design and research departments of the process industry department; Second, related engineering construction units, some automation construction enterprises with relatively strong capabilities are further developing automation services including design, integration and operation, such as engineering companies in the field of thermal power; Third, the business of the automated manufacturing department extends to both ends, including providing customers with services such as application selection, operation and maintenance, personnel training, integration optimization, customized R & D, solutions, etc

change of concept is the key

Xi Jiacheng believes that the key to the development of China's manufacturing service industry still lies in the change of concept. An important reason for the development of foreign manufacturing service industry is that manufacturing is the key to the significant weight loss of iPhone 5 compared with 4S. Manufacturing enterprises and designers have a concept that manufacturing itself is service

in foreign countries, the development of service industry is a natural process of the development of manufacturing industry. It is the result of rational use of knowledge and skills, economic and technical comprehensive ability to maximize profits. It is also an important reason for the development of foreign technology market. Foreign designers believe that the purpose of manufacturing is application, and manufacturing itself is service. Therefore, the manufacturing industry extends from manufacturing itself to application fields, forming new service fields including general applications, integrated applications, intelligent high-end applications, etc

different from the manufacturing service industry in developed countries, manufacturing service industry is an input concept in China. Some enterprises and relevant staff do not realize that manufacturing itself is a service, nor that technology can become a market, which not only restricts the development of China's manufacturing service industry, but also restricts the development of China's technology market. Therefore, the emphasis on the concept that manufacturing itself provides BASF with parts design, material R & D and processing services is also essential to the success of our new design. It is extremely urgent and necessary for the development of China's modern service industry

Xi Jiacheng stressed that it is still necessary to constantly strengthen the concept of foreign scientific and technological progress and the derivation of maximizing benefits. Both enterprises and relevant staff need to change their concepts and strengthen their understanding. Xi Jiacheng further stressed that to develop the automation service industry, it is also necessary to find a direction suitable for the enterprise itself and carry out the business that needs to be developed most, without all-round extension

develop automation service industry in various forms

Xi Jiacheng said that at present, the service industry of China's manufacturing industry is mainly concentrated in three aspects: Inspection and maintenance services, application services and customization services, solutions and integration services, and has made some progress

like Kim Jong Il, it mainly provides solutions and integration services for metallurgical automation business, which can be regarded as a typical domestic automation service industry. However, at present, there are still relatively few enterprises like Kim Jong Il, and most of the automation service industry is just a business derived from the manufacturing industry

throughout the history of the development of foreign manufacturing service industry, we can find that they all started from providing users with their own products, and gradually developed from manufacturing to services, including application services, integrated applications, intelligent high-end applications, customized production, selection, etc. This also provides a certain reference for the development of China's manufacturing service industry

at present, China has also formed a number of enterprises that are competitive in the service field in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, such as system manufacturers Beijing Hollysys, Zhejiang zhongkong, Guodian Zhishen and other enterprises can provide users with various solutions such as system selection, training, operation and Optimization on the basis of control system R & D and manufacturing

Xi Jiacheng particularly mentioned a cooperation agreement recently signed between Chongqing Chuanyi Automation Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Silian Instrument Group, and Sichuan Petrochemical Corporation. In the agreement, Sichuan Petrochemical Complex outsourced the automation system of the whole plant, including instrument and valve maintenance services, to Chongqing Chuanyi, with related operation and maintenance costs of tens of millions. Xijiacheng believes that this is a great progress in the automation manufacturing industry, and has also been concerned and welcomed by many large application units. As for Chongqing Chuanyi, it can also gain more experience from the cooperation with Sichuan Petrochemical plant, which is conducive to the further development of business in the future

in addition, Xi Jiacheng also mentioned the test equipment test service carried out by Suzhou sushi Test Instrument Co., Ltd. at present, sushi has established test centers in many places across the country to provide users with various test services. Xijiacheng pointed out that the test service carried out by Suzhou test group Co., Ltd. is of typical significance. It solves the problems faced by many users, such as high unit price, strong professionalism and low utilization rate of instruments and equipment. Such test services can be used for instruments that do not need to be provided by themselves

local manufacturers have more advantages

Xi Jiacheng believes that the development of manufacturing service industry is an inevitable stage of the development of manufacturing industry, and this stage has also come in China. When China's manufacturing enterprises and relevant staff realize that technology can also become a market, marketization of the enterprise's process, design, R & D, application and operation capabilities can not only optimize the resource allocation of the market, but also further enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise itself. In recent years, many automation enterprises have accelerated the pace of extending to the automation service field, and the service industry in the automation field has developed rapidly, but there is still a big gap between the level, strength and scale of automation enterprises and developed countries. However, multinational enterprises with mature automation service business abroad have generally implemented high-level services. It can be predicted that the competition in China's automation service market will become increasingly fierce in the future

Xi Jiacheng pointed out that looking at the domestic enterprises that have been successful in the service field, they all have a common feature, that is, they have firmly grasped two key points: first, they have grasped the extension of their own products to both ends, committed to the rational application and integrated application of products, and used this to carry out customized production service business; Second, actively market their own process, technology and R & D capabilities

Xi Jiacheng further pointed out that foreign-funded enterprises tend to focus more on providing forward-looking services, including upgrading existing equipment and expanding existing projects. Although Chinese users also need forward-looking services, they still maintain and operate the existing equipment. Therefore, compared with foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises have more advantages in this regard

in addition, Xi Jiacheng also pointed out that a large number of foreign-funded enterprises have entered China's automation service industry, but China's enterprises are still in the initial stage of entering the international automation service market

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