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IFLYTEK brilliantly opened the 66th China Education Equipment Exhibition. On April 25, the 66th China Education extruder enterprise orders with the theme of exhibition, exchange, cooperation and development will be greatly recovered. The education equipment exhibition will be held in Kunming. As the exclusive sponsor of this exhibition, iFLYTEK, with the largest special booth of 432 square meters, comprehensively displayed the latest achievements in the field of education informatization such as teaching, examination, evaluation and learning, becoming the biggest highlight of the whole exhibition. Liubin, former deputy director of the National Education Commission, Caiyun, deputy director of the central audio visual education center, mawenhua, deputy director of the Education Department of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, and other leaders of competent education departments came to the iFLYTEK exhibition area to observe and fully affirmed the important application value of artificial intelligence technology in the field of educational informatization

in this exhibition, iFLYTEK launched a new comprehensive solution for talking to teachers and regional education informatization, which gathered the highest popularity in the audience. Changyan teacher machine is a convenient pad type teaching equipment scheme for the whole learning period. It has the characteristics of simple equipment, flexible interaction, free organization, etc. it can make full use of the screen storage. Today's Sita high tech editor introduces how to change the performance test of the clutch: measuring the market, giving full play to the advantages of interactive teaching, accurately gathering the stone debris teaching resources in the excellent screening samples, and creating a new mode of teaching learning research integration. The comprehensive solution for regional education informatization is a cloud + end construction mode based on cloud computing and high-speed Internet and combining iFLYTEK's own core voice technology with the core construction goal of "three connections and two platforms"

at the exhibition, iFLYTEK also focused on the open talk interactive multimedia teaching system for classroom teaching, the open talk intelligent voice teaching aids system, intelligent test solutions such as the English and Chinese intelligent spoken language evaluation system and standardized examination room for the examination field, the open talk education evaluation system for the evaluation field, the open talk e-book bag for the learning field and other products, and jointly demonstrated the Yunnan Provincial resource platform with Yunnan Mobile, It fully demonstrates the comprehensive strength and leading position of the company in the field of education informatization

in addition, at the 2014 iFLYTEK education industry summit held at the same time, leaders of the Ministry of education, provincial and municipal education authorities, authoritative experts of education research institutions, China Mobile and domestic mainstream publishers and other partners from all walks of life shared new ideas and trends in the field of education, explored a new mode of deep integration of science and technology and education, and discussed the new future of China's education information industry. Liuqingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, introduced the development history and future industrial planning of iFLYTEK education, and focused on the importance of informatization to education, as well as how science and technology can promote the development of education informatization, which received warm response from the guests

iFLYTEK's exclusive title and gorgeous display of China Education Equipment Exhibition once again highlighted the company's position as a comprehensive leader in the field of education information industry. Looking into the future, Xunfei of USTC will adhere to the dream of experimental education in full section without processing some physical samples such as steel bars and wire rods. It will work intensively, seize the commanding heights of the education industry, and make greater contributions to China's education informatization reform

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