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Abstract: according to the specific requirements for the quality evaluation of modern castings, the detailed items of modern casting inspection and control technology are put forward for the first time, and the classification is summarized. At the same time, it is proposed that the change of appearance function will change the film friction coefficient, and the specific implementation assumption for the modernization of automotive casting inspection technology in China in the near future

key words: automotive castings; Detection and control technology; Modernization

1. challenges to China's Automobile Casting inspection technology at the beginning of the 21st century

from the perspective of modern casting at the end of the 20th century, the evaluation of casting quality has been given a new concept. The casting quality shall be evaluated from three aspects: product quality, process quality and casting design quality. The main contents are as follows

(1) product quality

casting product quality includes surface quality, internal quality and service quality. The surface quality mainly includes: dimensional accuracy, form and position tolerance, surface roughness, surface hardness, weight tolerance, inner cavity cleanliness and surface casting defect degree. The internal quality mainly includes: chemical composition, metallographic structure, metallurgical defects, physical and mechanical properties, internal reliability of castings (checked by nondestructive flaw detection), grain size (sometimes it is not necessary to judge how much torque the eutectic group needs to bear according to the strength of people), eutectic saturation, density, purity, continuity, etc. The service quality mainly includes: cutting performance, welding performance, operation performance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, service life and other working conditions, and its indicators are also constantly improving

(2) process quality

it is the basis for ensuring the quality of castings, including the casting process quality from raw materials, production process to semi-finished products (such as molten iron and molding sand) to finished products

(3) casting design quality

in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to casting design quality, because many casting defects are bred in the design process, that is, poor casting design will reduce the production process quality and product quality

looking back on the automobile foundry industry since the founding of the people's Republic of China, the same as the national foundry enterprises, compared with the advanced level of foreign foundry industry, the biggest problems in China's current foundry industry are low product quality, poor economic benefits, high material consumption and large environmental hazards. In order to improve the product quality and economic benefits, in addition to the urgent need to improve the enterprise management level, thoroughly implement the IS09000 standard management, expand and improve the casting standards, solve the poor quality of raw materials and continuously improve the process and equipment level, China's casting industry must also continuously supplement, improve and improve the quality inspection and quality control means of the casting process. Because the improvement of casting material, process and equipment level and quality management level largely depends on whether the detection and control means in the whole casting process can be matched and kept up, that is, all things should be based on data, all things should be measured, and all things should be managed by the cold technology of cascade tightening mechanism, and all things should be controlled by quality and cost. However, looking back on the development of inspection and control technology of automobile foundries since the founding of the people's Republic of China, just like the national foundry enterprises, compared with foreign modern foundry, if our foundry technology, equipment and management level are still relatively backward, then the quality inspection and quality control technology of foundry factories is even more backward. Although there are considerable objective factors, many enterprises still lack sufficient understanding of the key role, great power and economic benefits of casting quality inspection and control

it should be pointed out that the rapid development of microelectronics technology, especially computer automatic control technology, has brought unprecedented opportunities and broad prospects to the solution of complex casting inspection and control problems with multiple factors and variables in recent years. It is one of the important trends in the development of foundry equipment and instruments in recent years to adopt microelectronic technology in the detection and control equipment and instruments of foundry process. It can be seen from the recent casting expositions that can best represent the world's advanced casting level that the combination of the latest casting technology, equipment and instruments with the latest microelectronics and computer automatic detection and control technology is the most outstanding. The practice of modern casting abroad has shown that if this advanced detection and control technology can be effectively applied to casting production as soon as possible, it can not only significantly improve and stabilize the quality of castings, but also effectively improve labor productivity, improve labor conditions, reduce energy and material consumption, and reduce the functional weight, functional cost and final cost of castings (including saving processing costs), It has brought great economic benefits to foundry enterprises from assaying anchor chain mechanical tester. In terms of the above technologies, although China has begun to carry out this work and has achieved some preliminary results, it is still in the stage of slow development at the initial and low level, and there is a big gap compared with the advanced level abroad

to sum up, the development of modern casting at the end of the 20th century has put forward higher requirements for us. If our automobile casting enterprises do not pay attention to and vigorously supplement and develop the technical means of casting quality inspection, control and measurement, they will not be able to meet the standards for modern casting quality assessment and the growing needs of modern automobile castings, but will also make our automobile casting materials, processes The gap between the equipment and management level and that of foreign countries is becoming larger and larger, and it is even impossible to get rid of the history of "fuzzy casting production" based on the sensory experience of the naked eye, and it is impossible to reverse the long-term loss situation of the foundry, which will become a bottleneck restricting the Automobile Foundry from improving quality, doing fine products, grabbing the market, expanding varieties, reducing costs and increasing benefits in the future

2. classification mode of modern casting quality inspection and control technology

in order to gradually get rid of the bondage of experience and technology in casting production and move towards scientization, and comprehensively improve the quality control level in all links of production, it is necessary to constantly supplement, improve and improve the quality inspection and test technology means in the casting process. Advanced casting quality inspection technology and means are the eyes and ears of casting production and casting quality control. The domestic experience in producing high-quality castings in recent years and the successful introduction of foreign advanced technology have shown that without advanced casting inspection technology, it is impossible to organize modern casting production. Next, the author tries to give a classification of the quality inspection and control technology commonly used by modern foreign advanced casting enterprises according to the casting process

2.1 quality inspection of raw materials for casting

raw material quality inspection refers to the inspection or re inspection of the chemical composition analysis and physical performance test of various cast raw materials including pig iron, scrap steel, ferroalloy, molding sand, coke, binder, coating, catalyst, etc., so as to strictly control the quality of raw materials


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