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Idea copy carefully engraved 60 day old aunt loves paper cutting

release date:) any number of indication display boxes can be configured source: tianshufeng, a resident of Qinyuan community, Qinggong road street, Zhanhe District, came to the study as usual after breakfast and washing. She spread the prepared patterns on the wax plate, smoothly slid along the lines with a carving knife, and removed the redundant parts. A vivid Chinese Zodiac pattern gradually appeared in front of her eyes...

influenced by her grandmother, she fell in love with paper cutting

"Danfeng rising sun", "respecting the old and loving the young", "Cowherd and Weaver Girl", "Chinese Zodiac with blessings", "Quyuan"... When she walked into tianshufeng's house, the wall of the living room was covered with various pictures of the global implementation of micromillr technology, alloy Production of patented paper-cut works

when talking about paper cutting, Tian Shufeng, 63, opened the conversation. She is a retired employee of the former municipal paper mill. Her hometown is youfangtou village, Beidu street, Zhanhe district. "I like paper cutting because of my grandmother's influence." Tianshufeng said that grandma's hands are very skillful. She can make tiger head shoes, embroider lifelike flowers and animals, and cut paper. When the villagers nearby have a happy event, they always ask grandma to cut happy words or mandarin ducks for them

when grandma was making shoes or cutting paper, tianshufeng followed her with great interest. Gradually, she mastered certain skills, and then added her own creativity to cut some animal, flower and bird patterns

due to the large number of brothers and sisters in the family, the mother was too busy, and it fell to her to sew and mend for her brothers and sisters. When there was a happy event in someone's family, grandma couldn't take it away, so she went there happily. Her dragon and Phoenix happy words were deeply loved by everyone

after marriage, Tian Shufeng's colleagues or relatives and friends asked her to cut paper for a wedding party. She always responded to requests. At home, she often makes clothes and tiger head shoes for her children. When the quilt is broken, she embroiders it and beautifies life with her skillful hands

paper cutting has become a part of life

after tianshufeng's children got married, she took care of her elderly parents in law at home. Fiveorsix years ago, she regained her paper cutting skills and occasionally embroidered sachets. Small sachets with lotus flowers, goldfish, little monkeys and other designs. As long as neighbors or relatives like them, she will give them away. "The children in our yard like her sachet." Said the guard huguomin

paper cutting with scissors is slow and difficult to save. Tian Shufeng thought about using other methods to replace it. Later, she learned the technique of cutting and carving. The knife is no stranger to tianshufeng, who used to be a health worker when she was young. She converted the scalpel into a carving knife and bought tools such as grindstones and tweezers

tianshufeng's son and daughter also supported her, helped her find materials from the above, and bought red non-woven fabrics as thin as paper instead of red paper. Tianshufeng added his own idea, copied the pattern on paper, took it to the copy department to enlarge, and fixed it on the non-woven fabric with a stapler or paper clip to engrave. In practice, her skills have been improved. "Paper carving is first primary and then secondary, first complex and then simple, first inside and then outside."

tianshufeng's paper-cut works have been recognized by everyone. Introduced by Hu Quan, a member of Henan Folk Artists Association, she has successively become a member of municipal and provincial folk artists associations, and has participated in many handmade works exhibition activities held in our province or urban areas

in August, 2019, tianshufeng's painting of Cowherd and weaver girl was exhibited in our festival, 2019 China (Lushan) Tanabata Festival; In February this year, Henan Folk Writers and Artists Association launched a special exhibition of paper-cut works with the theme of "love and confidence from the paper-cut industry". Tianshufeng's series of anti epidemic works such as "march forward", "long live the motherland" and "come on in Wuhan" were exhibited in Zhengzhou

nowadays, paper cutting has become a part of tianshufeng's life. She often sits for hours. Mounting paper-cut requires money, but tianshufeng, who is reliable, safe and thrifty, enjoys it. She laughs that this is due to her love for paper-cut. When someone likes her works, she will give them away without stint

"I am still in the copying stage. If I have the opportunity, I will follow the professional teachers to learn. If I come here, I will improve my level." Tianshufeng said that because of paper cutting, her later life became more colorful

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