6 kinds of outdated decoration, big market points,

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1. Decorative lines on the wall

according to the traditional decorative techniques, a wall should have four decorative lines from top to bottom: internal corner line, hanging mirror line, waist line and skirting line. But at present, the clear height of the room is generally only 2.5 meters to 2.8 meters. If there are too many equal lines on the wall, it will give people a depressing feeling. So the decorative line on the wall can be fed or even not used. The so-called "internal corner line" refers to the line where the ceiling intersects with the wall; The "waist line" refers to the line about 1 meter from the ground, which is used to distinguish the wall circumference and the wall surface. These two decorative lines are generally not needed in family rooms, and can be completely omitted during decoration





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