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In the graduation season in June, the hot sun is enthusiastic and wanton, so your nest naturally cannot lack shading curtains. Come with meidensi fabric art to see which curtains are suitable for you

it's your turn to graduate this year

in the previous graduation season, we are spectators

in today's graduation season, we are the protagonists

you are about to travel to different cities

embark on a new journey

start working hard. You need to have a warm cabin

the house is rented, and life is your own

for many little friends who work outside, the rented house is also a harbor that can't be dealt with. Curtains are essential for a warm cabin. They play a very important role in home decoration. A graceful, elegant and beautiful curtain is not only a good home decoration, but also can insulate and adjust indoor light, and protect privacy

in the graduation season in June, the hot sun is enthusiastic and wanton, so your nest naturally cannot lack shading curtains

extract the unrestrained vitality from nature and inject it into home life, which is somewhat wanton and free and easy, which makes people happy and fascinated. The design of atmospheric banana leaves is simple and atmospheric, and the echo of green and white also brings a hint of coolness to the hot summer. With pillows of the same style, it seems to be in the forest, and the impetuous mood of graduation is also soothed

simple style is also popular with young people in recent years. Tie dyed shading curtains not only enable people to obtain visual and psychological comfort, but also highlight their unique life taste. Simple, but without losing connotation. When you open the curtains in the room, you can see the world. When you close the curtains, it is your own small world, quiet and comfortable, but not monotonous

gradient shading curtains show atmosphere and fashion. From light to deep, it's like light from strong to weak, and it's like life from white paper to heavy ink color. The gradual change reflects multiple modern textures. You can nest in a comfortable cabin and stay quietly during rest without feeling boring

in addition to curtains, small objects are also necessary to decorate your cabin

when lying on the sofa or bed after work and leisure, the pillow has become an indispensable item. It not only improves the comfort of sitting or lying down, but also plays a certain role in decoration coordination

the Nordic style pillows of the small animal series, with individual small animal heads highlighting their characteristics, are naughty, cute and full of youthful vitality. The black-and-white pillows are simple and stylish. Pink flamingos and cactus of Kawaii also satisfy endless girlish hearts

everyone wants to have a house facing the sea, with flowers blooming in spring. When there is no time, in the bustling and noisy city, it is also very comfortable to decorate a warm home, make a cup of tea in leisure, and watch American dramas on the sofa all day

(image and text source: Hangzhou meidens, invasion and deletion)




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