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In recent years, loft apartment units have become more and more popular among young people. It can be said that loft apartment units are more fashionable and romantic than ordinary residential decoration, and can well meet the needs of consumers for fashionable decoration. What should we pay attention to in the decoration of this small loft apartment? If you want to know, just take a look at the lens of Wuhan Decoration network

1. Pay attention to the overall sense of space

when carrying out loft decoration design, we must pay attention to the overall sense of space in the interior, especially the vertical height of the interior and the visual effect of horizontal extension, so that the overall decoration effect of loft can be better reflected

2. Distinguish the working area from the living area

loft decoration can better show that generations have a good distinction between the working and living environment, especially modern people are very disgusted with mixing work and life. As a place for rest and study, the two areas can be reasonably planned, but the two areas can also overlap

3. Divide independent space

generally speaking, when decorating and designing loft house types, simple objects can be cleverly and reasonably divided, so that the same area can achieve relatively independent space division, especially different space functions are different. Such a reasonable division can make the indoor layout more clear and reasonable

4. Do a good job in interior design planning

the overall interior design includes full consideration of indoor lighting, sound insulation, ventilation and other aspects. In addition, when decorating loft house types, we must pay attention to the privacy of the overall decoration, and do a good job in indoor ventilation, sound insulation and other details

5. Diversification of design styles

loft style decoration has great flexibility in decoration style. You can choose the appropriate decoration style according to your own preferences, and this house type can not be restricted by the housing structure, so whether it is modern style, retro style or some European style, it emphasizes personalization in decoration

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