Barbie doll European style villa neoclassical deco

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This set of European style neoclassical decoration style villa, so rich in color use, makes people dizzying. The designer seems to be creating a real home for Barbie dolls. The outstanding interior design is full of a sense of life. Each room in the house uses different colors, and attention is paid to the color matching when selecting furniture

the furniture, parquet floors and home accessories in the living room are full of Victorian characteristics

fireplaces and bookshelves at both ends echo each other, curtains, sofas and cushions also use the same material. From the details, it is found that the designer pays attention to


kitchen and dining room, and the treatment of walls and ceiling is the same as that of the living room, However, modern facilities are more suitable for the convenience of operation and cooking

comfortable corner in front of the window

purple lounge

although each room has different colors, both style and furniture are unified with each other

bathroom, pink bathtub is the heart of every girl





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