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Wooden doors are still favored with irreplaceable advantages

the noble and elegant wooden doors with fine workmanship have the characteristics of soft texture, good sound insulation performance, natural color, simple texture and so on. They give people affinity and warmth. Although the price is not cheap, they are still loved by many people. In particular, indoor bedroom doors, bathroom doors, kitchen doors, many families choose wooden doors, with solid wood floors, giving people a natural feeling of returning to nature. Therefore, although in the period of diversified development of doors and windows, wooden doors are still very suitable for today's trend of advocating nature, environmental protection and energy conservation with their irreplaceable advantages, and play a vital role in improving the quality of decoration. Their application in the construction industry is favored

I. environmental protection performance of wooden doors

with the increasing popularity of green and environmental friendly building materials and the change of people's consumption concept. People pay more and more attention to the environmental protection performance of wooden doors. In order to ensure the environmental protection performance of wooden doors, the design should mainly consider two aspects

the usability of wooden doors is also very important

on the one hand, choose green, environmental friendly and pollution-free raw and auxiliary materials. For wood-based panels and adhesives, select environmental labeling products recognized by authoritative institutions. Moreover, the moisture content of wood-based panels and wood should be appropriate to the local equilibrium moisture content, and raw and auxiliary materials with high moisture content should not be selected, because when other conditions are the same, the higher the moisture content of materials, the faster the release of formaldehyde and other harmful substances

second, the use function of wooden doors

the use function of wooden doors is the most practical and fundamental problem of doors. Generally speaking, the use functions include: the opening performance of the door, the thermal insulation performance of the door, the sound insulation performance of the door, the fire protection performance of the door, the anti-theft performance of the door, the wind pressure deformation performance of the outer door, the air permeability and rainwater leakage performance of the outer door, and the overall strength of the door. These are the primary considerations in our design

in the design, the use function of the wooden door should be determined according to the different use places and parts of the wooden door. Then, these functions are embodied in the design process. In order to achieve these functions, material selection and technology are usually considered

in terms of material selection, raw materials with high self destructive strength are usually selected; Choose raw materials with loose structure, good heat preservation and sound insulation effect; Choose non flammable or flame retardant raw materials

in terms of technology, consider the nodes that are convenient for realizing the above functions. For example, seal the joints between the door frame and the door leaf, and between the door leaves; The joints between door frame and door leaf, door leaf and door leaf shall ensure appropriate gaps and other appropriate structures

Third, the decorative effect of the door

the arrival of the scientific and technological era has made the wooden door more elegant under the packaging of modern fine processing technology, allowing consumers to experience the new feeling of new life in advance. Open the door, and you will really enter the world of asking for pleasure and leisure that you have carefully created. Away from the hustle and bustle, all kinds of troubles are swept away. Different wooden doors create a pattern and style to be interesting. The log flavor in the wooden door is filled with relaxed comfort and atmosphere. Therefore. People pay more and more attention to the decorative effect of doors. This requires that in the design, we should first choose the shape of the door, or European carving, or harmony combination, or the ancient charm still exists, or simple and lively, to play a different style of living room

secondly, choose appropriate materials for the exterior of door leaves and frames. Natural and noble black walnut, Shabili, cherry, Manchurian ash, teak, elephant wood, etc. are the categories of wood doors that are better than other materials in terms of green, environmental protection, grade and effect. The unique design enables each detail to chew out a rich cultural charm. Then, choose the hardware that matches the quality of the door, so that the hardware can play the role of the finishing touch and interpret the indoor environment vividly and cordially

choose different door leaf thickness to reflect a deep, dignified or relaxed and lively feeling, so that the wooden door is no longer just a functional facility to shelter people from the wind and rain and divide space, but also a product of the combination of traditional culture and modern technology. It is not only the first threshold to "enter the room of Zhilan", but also a "heart gate" to the depths of people's hearts

different paint types and colors, such as clear oil and mixed oil; Bright and matte; Total dumb, semi dumb, seven dumb, etc., also show different styles. The wooden door is no longer a product in a simple sense that can be used by people for switching. It is more a handicraft, an aesthetic point of view, a carrier of fraternity, a symbol of freedom, an ideal lifestyle and realm of life, carrying the owner's culture and transmitting the owner's information and values

IV. select appropriate processing technology

when selecting the processing technology of products, we should not only consider the operability of the technology, but also reflect the quality of products. This kind of quality not only includes high starting point quality standards, rigorous process flow, meticulous production and processing, perfect process experience, but also includes timely and perfect after-sales service system and pre-sales technical support. It embodies a sentiment of "supreme elegance, interpretation of extraordinary taste, meticulous carving, and sharing classic values"

v. convenient transportation and installation

the transportation and installation process of wooden doors occupies a considerable part of the cost of this product. Therefore, products that are interchangeable and can be provided in bulk should be considered as much as possible in the design process

based on the above, the key to achieving a good product lies in the product design. The product design should comprehensively consider that the product meets ergonomics; The selection of materials requires environmental protection and no pollution; Full of aesthetic characteristics; Good economic performance; Select the appropriate processing technology; Convenient and efficient installation and use; It can be recycled, so that the products can be used from some to good, tasteful, healthy and environmentally friendly




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