Decoration precautions in Meiyu typhoon season

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From mid June to early July and early summer every year, there is a continuous rainy weather in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the Yangtze Huaihe River Basin and the narrow region of southern Japan. At this time, it is the season of plum ripening in Jiangnan, so it is called " Mei Yu "e;. The main characteristics of Meiyu weather are cloudy and rainy weather, short sunshine, high relative humidity, abundant rainfall, and often heavy rain to rainstorm. The arrival or elimination time of the plum rain season is not very accurate, with a difference of more than 40 days in the morning and evening, and the degree of impact varies from region to region

the plum rain season once caused great trouble to the decoration work. In previous years, when it came to the plum rain season, the decoration market was depressed (limited to areas affected by the weather). The influence of Mei Yu is mainly concentrated in the painting project, but more importantly, it is people's consumption psychology. As the Mei Yu season comes, the indoor humidity is often extremely high, and people have more or less a relationship with the Mei Yu season in their early years, such as the deformation of the wood floor and the moldy wood. Of course, this statement is unscientific. Mei Yu has no great impact on woodworking projects in theory, but more of a psychological impact

wood painting works in plum rain season will cause a gray gray layer on the paint surface and affect the appearance. It is not difficult to solve this problem. It can be eliminated mainly by adding 5%-15% whitening water to Tianna water. However, when the indoor humidity is very high, if the whitening phenomenon still occurs after adding whitening water, it should be stopped. Whitening water, also known as anti whitening water, is scientifically called ethylene glycol monobutyl ether. The use proportion of whitening water should not exceed 20%, otherwise the paint will dry slowly and soften

in the plum rain season, it's very rainy, but because the rain is often too small, people don't think it's rain. When decorating, many owners are used to buying decoration plates in nearby resident stores, and then transporting them with tricycles or other trucks without a canopy. This kind of light rain does not cause great trouble for ordinary plywood, but it will have an impact on plates such as decorative panels, Because the decorative panel will be painted with a layer of protective paint after it is brought back to the construction site according to the rules of the industry. If the water on the decorative panel does not evaporate and dry, it will be painted, which will easily cause the water to be locked in the paint layer, and a very small mildew will be exposed after a long time, which is worth noting. During the transportation in plum rain season, vehicles with cloaks should be used to transport decorative materials as much as possible

the plum rain season will also affect the paint work of the wall, mainly because the paint drying speed will be very slow. Even a layer of paint takes two or three days or even longer to dry out. In this case, you should wait for the paint to dry out and should not use gas lamps or high-intensity lights for irradiation (except for paint works that are only partially constructed). Typhoon is a kind of tropical cyclone, and tropical cyclone refers to a low pressure formed in tropical areas. It rotates constantly, accompanied by strong winds and heavy rainfall. Tropical cyclones are divided into four types according to the size of the wind near their center: those with a central wind force of 7 or less are called tropical depressions, those with a central wind force of 8 to 9 are called tropical storms, those with a central wind force of 10 to 11 are called strong tropical storms, and those with a central wind force of 12 or more are called typhoons. For the sake of popularity, we generally call them typhoons here. The typhoon season in East and South China is generally between May and October

strictly speaking, the typhoon season will not have a direct impact on the decoration, because the typhoon is often an individual event within a time, not as long as the plum rain season. And in a year, there are only a few typhoons that directly affect the same area, and at most one to three typhoons can affect the same area during the decoration period. However, once the typhoon has an impact, the impact will not be small. We should mainly pay attention to the following aspects:

1. During the typhoon, we should pay attention to closing the windows and external door leaves, and also pay attention to the waterproof of the doorway and aisle

2. Pay more attention to whether there is leakage in the external walls and windows. If water is found to flow in these parts, take temporary remedial measures in time to reduce losses

3. Pay attention to check the smoothness of the floor drain of the wind terrace balcony and the living balcony to avoid the indoor diffusion caused by the poor drainage of the balcony in the process of heavy rainfall

4. During the typhoon, it is best to put the decorative materials stacked indoors on wooden squares first, and then stack them, especially not near the window and door

5. During the typhoon, workers should be arranged to be on duty at the construction site to prevent accidents




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