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As a dirty place in the home, if you see it as soon as you enter the door, it is equivalent to filthy head-on, which is very unlucky. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the orientation selection of the bathroom, and in addition, what Feng Shui matters in the bathroom need more attention? Let's talk about it for you

the six major geomantic omens in the toilet pay attention to

1. The location of the toilet

in ancient times, the toilet was poor in hygiene and smelly, so it should not be built in the limelight. The modern toilet is hygienic and indoors, so it is not affected by the wind. But it is also because it is located in the room, so the bathroom, as the source of the room's pollution, must pay attention to its location: the bathroom should not be in the center of the room, so as to prevent the center from being polluted. The center of the room is the center of gravity of the house, which is as important as the human heart. The center is polluted, and the foul gas is easy to flow to other rooms. Living in it, you can breathe a lot of foul gas every day, which is easy to get diseases; Moreover, the bathroom in the center of the house must have poor lighting. In addition, the bathroom is originally a place with plenty of water, and the humid air is stuffy indoors, which is easy to breed bacteria, which is certainly detrimental to health

2. Position of toilet

the position of toilet should be concealed. If the bathroom is large, it is best to arrange the toilet in a position that cannot be seen from the bathroom door, hidden behind the low wall, screen or curtain, and it is best not to see it from the mirror. Try to close the toilet cover at ordinary times

3. Use appropriate colors

the five elements of the bathroom belong to water, so the color of the bathroom is best to choose gold white and water black and blue, which is elegant and can produce a sense of tranquility. Light green, light yellow, light blue, milky white, etc. also give people a refreshing and comfortable feeling, which is more suitable for use in the bathroom. You should avoid using harsh colors such as bright red, which will make toilet users irritable

4. Use plants to dissolve filth

there are 3 pages in total. Page 1 123 next page green plants not only have a pleasing effect, but also can dissolve the filth of the toilet when placed in the toilet. However, due to the large humidity and large temperature difference between cold and warm in the toilet, it is not very beneficial to the growth of many plants. When choosing green plants, you must pay attention. It is best to choose plants that like darkness. Potted decoration can add natural interest, which is suitable for planting ornamental green plants with moisture resistance, such as ferns, vertical plants, goldenrod, etc. Of course, if the bathroom is spacious, bright and air-conditioned, you can plant more colorful plants such as pineapple, taro, Cymbidium and so on

5. Other precautions in the bathroom

① put a small plate of salt in the bathroom and borrow salt to dissolve the toilet filth

② the toilet must be kept dry and ventilated

the bathroom should be ventilated. If it is closed and not ventilated, it will be harmful to the health of family members. If there is no window in the bathroom, be sure to install a ventilator to ventilate

6. The bathroom should be ventilated

the bathroom should be ventilated in order to discharge the dirty gas in time. The toilet should not be placed in the center of the house. The foul gas is easy to spread to the whole house with the air, and a large amount of foul gas is inhaled every day, which is easy to produce various physical diseases

Feng Shui solution of the door facing the bathroom

1. The most direct method is to change the door to the side

2. Set a partition between the gate and the toilet, such as screen, porch, etc

3. Its door can be transformed into a flat sliding door, and some color pictures can be drawn on the door

4. It cannot be transformed into a sliding door. On an ordinary door, you can also draw a color map on the flat plate to make it a visual attraction

5. Put some geomantic objects in the toilet, such as hanging a tiger head mahogany Bagua mirror or putting a string of five emperor coins, six emperor coins, ten emperor coins under the mat, etc

solution to the toilet in the Mingtang inside the gate

the toilet is located in the Mingtang inside the gate, which is also a common pattern of small family houses. If the toilet is located in the neimingtang, the gate and the toilet room should be separated into small houses, especially one bedroom, which is easiest to be designed as the toilet is located next to the entrance of the gate. Such a design is nothing more than to make full use of space and make more effective use of the pattern of small houses as far as possible; Or for the visual extension of the internal space, the toilet is designed in the inner Mingtang position inside the gate. Such space design is most likely to affect external interpersonal relationships, and even lead to poor financial fortunes

the solution is to do a good job in the ventilation and dehumidification system in the toilet, so as to avoid the leakage of foul gas, which will lead to the declining fortunes of residents

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moving is a very festive thing, but moving is also a very cumbersome thing. Moving should not only pay attention to various matters, but also pay attention to Feng Shui; So what are the key points of Feng Shui when moving in Feng Shui? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

pay attention to Feng Shui when moving

pay attention to Feng Shui when moving in Beijing

generally speaking, there are some differences in folk moving customs among various places. Generally speaking, when moving, you need to prepare all kinds of necessary items. The following are the most common

1. Rice: use rice bucket and fill it with eight points. (the meaning of grain is full, and the meaning of harvest can be seen.)

2. Red envelopes: put them on the rice bucket

3. A pair of dustpan and new broom: it needs to be tied with a red cloth strip

4. Water: fill the bucket three times

5. Bowls and chopsticks: even numbers are better and put them in buckets

6. Stove (meaning that life is prosperous.)

according to the folk custom, the above items must be put into the kitchen before moving into the house. (I believe you also understand this moral.) If necessary, you can also bring some soil to avoid acclimatization. In addition, red couplets should be pasted on the door of the new home in order to be lucky. And turn on the lights at home for peace and light. After moving the house, you can worship the foundation owner at dusk that day. According to the legend, the foundation owner is short. When you worship, you should be at the kitchen door, and the table for placing offerings should not be too high. Of course, this is a folk custom. It would be better if you follow this saying

and the following details are paid attention to in some local customs. You may wish to refer to them

1. When moving, the things to be removed from the new house are best handled by others. It's best for the owner to move things into the new house by himself. When moving into the new house, the whole family should not enter the house empty handed. At least they should take some things from the house, such as children can take their own abacus or something

2. The time of entering the house should be in the morning, noon or before sunset. Avoid entering the house at night. In case of special circumstances, you can enter the house at night

3. After relocation, regardless of the length of time, in order to ensure the safety, wealth and prosperity of your family, you should hold a household god worship and set off a small string of firecrackers at home

4. If there is no auspicious time to set up a bed on the day of entering the house, you can put the bed in place first, and then remove it until the auspicious time to set up a bed

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